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What’s your superpower?

Cards to help you clarify your strengths

Superpowers Handbook
Superpowers Handbook Superpowers Handbook

Superpowers Handbook

The Superpowers Handbook guides the card exercise and app and supports it with thought-provoking questions and insights. It's the best way to do Superpowers with a group, helping to keep the room in sync and focused. And it's a great companion if you're finding your superpower on your own.

You can also purchase a PDF version of the Superpowers Handbook as a digital download.



How many Superpowers Handbooks will you need?
+ If you'd like everyone to do the exercise individually, you can purchase a Superpowers Cards Deck or a Facilitator Bundle for each person.
+ If you are completing the exercise in pairs or in small groups, you can purchase a Superpowers Card Deck or a Facilitator Bundle for each pair/group. Each individual will end up with their own superpower at the end of the exercise, but working in small teams promotes collaboration and discussion.
+ You can purchase one Superpowers Handbook for yourself to act as a group facilitator and ask participants to share their answers to the questions in the handbook.


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