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What’s your superpower?

Cards to help you clarify your strengths

Superpowers Facilitator Bundle

Superpowers Facilitator Bundle

Everything you need to use Superpowers alone or with a group. Each bundle includes a Superpowers Handbook and a deck of Superpowers Cards.

The Superpowers Handbook guides the exercise and supports it with thought-provoking questions and insights to spark discussion in a workshop format.



How many Superpowers Facilitator Bundles will you need?
+ If you'd like everyone to do the exercise individually, you can purchase a Facilitator Bundle for each person.
+ If you are completing the exercise in pairs or in small groups, you can purchase a Facilitator Bundle for each pair/group. Each individual will end up with their own superpower at the end of the exercise, but working in small teams promotes collaboration and discussion.